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Beyond Bars | 4:09

Episode 2: New Lesson

December 1, 2015



How does one rehabilitate a person who’s committed a crime? Is a prison sentence as punishment enough? Prison is a very negative environment, yet as we discover in this episode, Buddhist wisdom can give rise to a positive outlook even in this bleakest of places. As inmates come together for Jing Si Aphorism classes, they begin to transform from within – and even corrections staff can’t help but notice.


Producer : Ting Fan
Director: William Ilgen
Camera: William Ilgen, Woodruff Laputka
Editor: William Ilgen
Writer: William Ilgen
Re-recording Mixer : Yahel Dooley
Production Design : Nancy C.H. Wei
Production Assistant: Pearl Wu


Education , Prison , Inmate , Jing Si Aphorism , TzuChiOneFamily , Buddhism

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