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Won't Bow Down | 6:55

Episode 4 : The Wetland Blues

September 3, 2015



Would you decide your future by throwing darts at a map? Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes did, when his darts landed on New Orleans. He got a job on a wild wetlands preserve. But once he heard the sound of Zydeco, it hit him like a lightening bolt, and he just had to start playing blues on an accordion. It’s a fascinating story about unique ecosystems, cultures blending, and the transformative power of music. Join us and be amazed.


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Alan Thompson
Editor: Alan Thompson


Boy in the Bubble , zydeco , blues , Jean Lafitte , Barataria Preserve , wetlands , swamps , Hurricane Katrina , New Orleans , Bruce Sunpie Barnes , Music , Accordion , Paul Simon , Sting

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