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From Relief to Purpose

December 22, 2023


Disaster Relief

After having been forced to flee from her home country of Ukraine , Karima Romaniv made her way to Poland.

There, she met Tzu Chi volunteers where she made a special connection with them; not only could she speak Mandarin Chinese, but she was invited to act as the host of Tzu Chi’s charity concert to benefit fellow refugees from Ukraine there.

Later, Karima made her way to Taiwan, where she began to settle into a new life. Still, with the trauma and memories of war fresh in her mind, she began to put together a book.

The book was made from a compilation of the entries of the diary she kept to document her entire experience through the war and after. It recounts challenging moments and painful memories and was published earlier this year in Taiwan in Chinese.

Discover her story – and how her book tour reunited her with Tzu Chi volunteers around the world, including at Tzu Chi USA, in our latest video.

Then, make a donation that supports refugee relief through our year-end fundraiser at


Editor: Yanxin Piao
Music: The David Roy Collective - His Mercy, Oliver Michael - Dreaming


Charity , refugees , Tzu Chi USA , Ukraine , Fundraiser , Volunteerism , war

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