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An International Team Unites in Service

January 6, 2024


Disaster Relief

Making the journey from their homes in Argentina ​​, Taiwan , Ecuador , Spain , the United States , and from across Mexico in January 2024, more than 100 compassionate individuals are united in a single goal: to bring relief to people who’ve survived Hurricane Otis in Acapulco.

For many, like Tzu Chi Argentina’s Celia Wang, the determination to be there to help distribute emergency financial assistance to thousands of families is motivated by solidarity and care for humanity:

“I arrived in Acapulco two days ago and walking on the streets, I’ve seen the magnitude of the hurricane and it makes me think that we need to be united, right? Climate change is really happening.”

For others, like Tzu Chi Ecuador’s Boris Garcia, the aftermath of the hurricane is all too relatable. “The moment I arrived in Acapulco I felt or had the same sensation that I had during the earthquake in Ecuador,” he recalls.

But, to be able to share the skills he’s learned through Tzu Chi to lead distribution efforts across cultures, he also believes it’s a great privilege:

“I feel very happy to be here because I’m helping people who are not from my country, but we share the same culture. So this adds another step in the preparation that I receive constantly from Tzu Chi, and I can at the same time help our people.”

See more in our latest video* about our latest Hurricane Otis relief efforts.

*Also featuring Martin Kuo (Tzu Chi USA volunteer).


Director: Marina Casas
DP: Michael Mazur
Editor: Ting Fan
Music: Uplifting Emotional Inspiration by Mat Steiner


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