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The Hawaiian Islands: Fire, Floods and Winds in Paradise | 3:29

The Path of Compassion

August 23, 2018


Disaster Relief

When Gina discovered what Tzu Chi was doing to help after the Kilauea volcanic eruption, she jumped at the opportunity to help as a local volunteer. She found the financial aid from Tzu Chi to be more than just money; it was a gesture of compassion that radiated on an emotional level.She believes in the importance of gratitude, and found the natural disaster to be an opportunity to give back to others. From feelings of helplessness, this woman discovered her own inner strength and passion for humanitarian work.

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Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Laura Bustillos
Director of Photography: Jaime Puerta
Editor: Ashleigh Got Hua
Re-Record Mixer: Michael LeFerla
Writer: Adriana DiVenedetto
Colorist: Arthur Balder
Post-production Editor: Tong Su

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