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A Tornado Tears Through Chicago

July 12, 2021


Disaster Relief

After a tornado with winds of over 130 mph passed through Chicago suburbs including Woodridge, Naperville, Downers Grove, Burr Ridge, and Darien, homes and vehicles sustained massive damage.

Resident Kathleen Ahern recalled, “I looked around and saw cars flipped over and roofs torn off. It was just horrible; something I never want to go through ever again.” But a week later, Tzu Chi Midwest offered a helping hand.

Last weekend, Tzu Chi volunteers hosted a disaster relief distribution to give out emergency cash cards loaded with hundreds of dollars to families impacted by the tornado; what they also gave was an open ear and a shoulder to cry on. Joy Medrano, a community partner at Northeast Illinois COAD, said that Tzu Chi volunteers are “always willing to give and to listen to people.”

She added, “Tzu Chi is one of my top picks… They need to be in partnership with everything that we do.” See the impactful work of disaster relief in our latest video and support 2021 Chicago Tornado Relief efforts at


Director: Yue Ma
Director of Photography: Yue Ma
Editor: Yue Ma
Producer: Yue Ma

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