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Caring for Those Most Vulnerable

January 6, 2024


Disaster Relief

Disaster is devastating for many obvious reasons; but, for older adults, the impacts often multiply.

This was the case for 80-year-old Catalina Sebastián de Jesús, whose house came crashing down during Hurricane Otis as it struck Acapulco, Mexico . Her neighbor, Victoria Patricia Aparicio, recalls the terrifying moment:

“The panels were flying everywhere… And my son came to rescue her because I told him the house is going to fall down and something is going to happen to her.”

With no close relatives to lean on, Catalina would most certainly be left in dire straits. But, during Tzu Chi’s latest disaster relief mission in Mexico, this would not be the case.

On January 6, 2024, she received emergency financial aid from Tzu Chi to help her cover some of her most pressing expenses. To help her make her purchases, fellow neighbors and those volunteering at the event are stepping up to ensure she benefits from the aid:

“To start, we want to buy her a bed, a mattress, and a fan. I live closer to her and I’ll be checking more on her in case she needs clothes or something else.”
– Miriam Vargas, Neighbor & Tzu Chi Local Volunteer

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Director: Marina Casas
DP: Michael Mazur
Editor: Ting Fan
Music: SFmusic_countryside, Love and Care for All


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