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Showcasing Tzu Chi Innovations at FEMA

April 23, 2024


Disaster Relief

On April 17, 2024, Tzu Chi USA participated in a Multi-Faith Leaders #ClimateResilience Roundtable hosted at FEMA Headquarters in Washington, DC, where faith-based NGOs could gather together and exchange ideas and best practices regarding climate resilience.

At the event, Marshall Siao, the Director of Jing Si 6R Technology, traveled all the way from Taiwan to debut the #JingSiFurniture System. It’s a complete set of items intended to provide relief, comfort, and improved safety for disaster survivors’ who have been left unhoused with little to no belongings.

The system includes items like a four-walled privacy partition (featuring a zippered ‘door’ and open roof for air circulation), multi-purpose beds (which may convert to seating or a tabletop), but also a rollable storage cabinet and, notably, mosquito nets. These items are also made from recycled PET bottles.

Of the implications after disaster, Zach Wolgemuth, Director of Emergency Preparedness, Response, & Recovery at the Church World Service said it’s huge: “you know, mosquitos are the deadliest animal on the planet. And so to be able to provide mosquito nets to give people a restful night’s sleep where they don’t have fear of, you know, being bitten or disease is pretty special.”

Yet, for Silas Kulkarni, the Director of Strategy & Advocacy at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, it’s about more than providing people safety in vulnerable situations: “anybody who’s been driven from their home and needs someplace to feel like they’re a human… just have some sense of dignity, it’s really, really meaningful.”

See more in our latest video* and support our ongoing fundraiser** to bring relief after earthquakes in Taiwan at


*Also featuring appearances by Kathleen Oldaker (Director of Disaster Response Operations at Catholic Charities USA), Debra Boudreaux (CEO of Tzu Chi USA), and Tzu Chi Washington DC volunteers.

**Matching funds up to $500K till 4/30!


Director: Ting Fan
DP: Jaime Puerta
Editor: Piao Yanxin
Color: Alex Kosorukov
Music: Corporate Storytelling by Luca Francini



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