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Kentucky Tornado Relief | 3:22

Relieving Shock and Sorrow in Mayfield

December 24, 2021


Disaster Relief

Disaster hurts.

During tornadoes this December, Mayfield, KY resident Richard Foley lost his car and his home suffered severe damages. Despite all of this, he emphasized that he was grateful for being able to make it through the ordeal alive: “I am humbled because I survived, and so many lost.”

Yet, receiving a cash card, loaded with $1,000 in emergency financial aid, from Tzu Chi Midwest, Richard emotionally admitted, “I need the help, and I really appreciate receiving it.”

You can help us give direct relief to tornado survivors just like Richard. See his story in our latest video, and donate to our #fundraiser, now match contributions up to $1 MIL:


Director: Fan Tin
Cinematographer: Marley Maitland

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