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Rebuilding the Blue River Fire Station

September 20, 2023


Disaster Relief

When we imagine first responders, we often think of hard-working and strong-willed heroes who are brave enough to face a disaster head on. But, who helps first responders when disaster falls upon them?

This situation happened during Oregon’s Medford Fire in 2020, where the Upper McKenzie Fire Station (UMFS) burned to the ground. It razed the surrounding area, where many of its volunteers firefighting corps lived. “We know the heroes, they become victims,” Michelle Liang of Tzu Chi Portland explained; “so we had to really treat them [with] respect.”

Along with her fellow Tzu Chi volunteers, they hosted a cash card distribution to support UMFS firefighters. This summer, they returned bearing gifts and bring further aid as it gets rebuilt. Touched, Chief Christiana “Rainbow” Plews said that “it’s just a really a nice visit from them to celebrate our recovery process.”

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Director: Héctor Muniente
DP: Sarah Winters
Editor: Héctor Muniente
Music: Early Moment by Russo


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