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Together While Apart | 4:56

Understanding the Bodhisattva Path Through COVID-19

February 5, 2021



After contracting COVID-19 in December, Tzu Chi volunteer Teresa Huang began to see her life and her choices in a whole new light. Working as the director of nursing at the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, she was at first surprised to learn that she had caught the coronavirus, despite not working directly with infected patients. But, after her diagnosis began to settle in, Teresa turned to spirituality and her faith in Buddhism to understand the journey she would endure, and how it could affirm her belief and support of veganism for a healthier body and a healthier world.

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Director: Daniel Ferrara
Editor: Daniel Ferrara
Production Assistant: Jennifer Chien
Music: “Where I Find Rest” by Sun Wash; “Sunrise” by Anthony Vega; “Run” by Tristan Barton via Artlist

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