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Love Is a Universal Language

January 7, 2024


Disaster Relief

When Hurricane Otis struck Acapulco, Mexico as a Category 5 storm in October 2023, it left the city’s tourism industry—and residents’ livelihoods—in ruin.

But, in anticipation of Tzu Chi’s latest disaster relief mission in Acapulco in January 2024, a local Church teamed up to help. To help Tzu Chi find residents who’d been severely impacted, the Sisters at the Consecrated Sisters of the Most Holy Savior began to visit survivors one by one.

Sister María Socorro explained that “Our parish priest, Father Benjamín, he came and told us that this organization needed help to conduct a census, and with great joy, we said yes.” And, the joy she found in the process was worth it, especially understanding that each household would receive financial aid from Tzu Chi:

“Handing out invitations, I saw people’s joy and felt so happy, too, to give them something that’s going to help them… It’s not just any distribution; it’s something beautiful.”

At the same time, Tzu Chi volunteers also returned the favor. See more in our latest video.*

*Also featuring Rodrigo Perez Lozada (Tzu Chi Mexico Volunteer).


Director: Marina Casas
DP: Michael Mazur
Editor: Ting Fan
Music: Disaster_Aftermath, An Inspiring Piano Main


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