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Kentucky Tornado Relief | 2:06

After Tornadoes, Relief With No Strings Attached

January 6, 2022


Disaster Relief

“I opened my eyes, I looked – there was no roof,” recalls Ahmad Hadi. He’s a resident of Bowling Green, KY, and his home, like many of his neighbors, was completely totalled by deadly tornadoes in December. “My dad was laying on the ground… my mom was bleeding… I have a six-year-old sister that was very injured,” he described, in crutches himself.

We met Ahmad on Friday, Dec 24 (Christmas Eve), when Tzu Chi Midwest hosted a disaster relief distribution there. He received a $1,000 cash card from Tzu Chi volunteers, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to our efforts: “what we’ve been through is very, very traumatic, you know – very hard – so I’m very thankful for your Foundation for doing this for people.”

You can help us provide comfort to tornado survivors. Support our tornado relief fund, now matching donations up to $1 million through March ‘22:



Director of Photography: Yue Ma
Editor: Hannah Whisenant

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