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Ukrainians Are Astonished by Tzu Chi’s Aid for Them in Warsaw

May 11, 2022


Disaster Relief

With the help and support of volunteers from nine different countries, Tzu Chi has held three separate distributions in Warsaw, Poland to benefit those who’ve fled from Ukraine. Each care recipient received ​​a cash card loaded with zł 2,000 in emergency funds – the equivalent of 500 USD.

While $500 may cover a modest amount in the United States, in Poland, it goes a long way. One woman told us, “my husband and I have eight children. When I heard that cards would be given to each family member, I cried from joy.” When asked why, she explained that “with this card, we’ll have a food supply for our family for half a year or more.”

See the relief we’re providing in our latest video and support love & compassion for Ukraine today:


Director: Ting Fan
Cinematographer: Borja Campillo
Editing: Ting Fan/ Borja Campillo

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