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Help Heal Maui | 3:04

Tzu Chi Volunteers Arrive on Grief-Stricken Maui

August 29, 2023


Disaster Relief

115 people are confirmed dead as a result of deadly fires on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. In the town of Lahaina, helping hands abound from across the community, all while processing their own grief. Local resident Laura Baxter, who flew back from vacation just after the fires began shared her story:

“from the minute we touched ground, traumatic pain filled the stories, and I mean, we really couldn’t stop crying for, you know, two days.”

But, Good Samaritans from all over the world are mobilizing to help—including volunteers from Tzu Chi USA. Preparing for their first emergency relief distribution, where impacted households will receive cash cards, Renee Chao, Deputy Director of Tzu Chi USA’s Charity Development Dept., made it clear that:

“We are going to maximize our capacity to support the family impacted by these wildfires.”

Keep watching and support our #fundraiser to bring support to the people of Maui, now matching donations, at


Director: Ting Fan
DP: Jaime Puerta
Editor: Ting Fan, Jaime Puerta
Color: Jaime Puerta


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