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Rushing to Help Acapulco

November 20, 2023


Disaster Relief

Hurricane Otis, which made landfall as a category 5 hurricane in southwest Mexico on October 25, 2023, has brought catastrophic devastation to the city of Acapulco. According to local resident Eileen Lobato Morrison, “we’ve never had a Category 5 hurricane before. Acapulco is destroyed.”

But, at the request of Tzu Chi Global Headquarters in Taiwan, a group of Tzu Chi USA volunteers meet with Tzu Chi Mexico volunteers in Acapulco to conduct a final assessment of the situation and determine their course of action. During their visit, they begin to learn about the complexities of the hurricane’s impact.

“There are different categories of affected people,” describes Vicar Arturo Marroquín Solis from the Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Fátima; “from people who lost their homes, to people who lost part of the roofs, to people who even lost their families.”

Yet, with the holidays fast approaching, the Tzu Chi Relief team is intent on providing help with a thoughtful gesture. Tzu Chi USA volunteer Martin Kuo explains “we will proceed to do some nice, warming, small gifts for them to have a good Christmas.”

Watch our latest video and help us do more to help people in times of disaster by making a charitable contribution to our Tzu Chi USA GivingTuesday 2023 fundraiser* at

*BONUS: when you make a donation on GivingTuesday itself, Nov. 28, 2023, your gift will be matched, dollar-for-dollar. Plan your donation and use the link above to give.


Director: Hector Muniente
DP: Borja Campillo
Editor: Hector Muniente
Music: Last Universe by Daniel Brown


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