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Uplifting Spirits With Song

May 10, 2022


Disaster Relief

This May, Tzu Chi swiftly organized a charity concert to benefit those seeking refuge in Poland from Ukraine. It included performers from Ukraine, including the Oratorium Children’s Choir, singer Anastasia Malashenko, and violinist Tatiana Voytovich. All music was performed in the Ukrainian language, broadcast internationally on social media, and with a local, in-person audience that included many who’d fled Ukraine in the past few months.

One woman tearfully shared, “when I heard these songs on stage, I felt the pain of the children who suffered and died because of the war in our beautiful Ukraine.”

Help us offer comfort and care to people undergoing hardship as a result of this crisis. Send Love & Compassion for Ukraine today:


Director: Ting Fan
Cinematographer: Borja Campillo
Editing: Ting Fan/ Borja Campillo

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