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Hope Heals: Lift the Hearts of 10,000 Families | 3:55

Camp Fire: Planting Seeds From the Wishing Tree

December 11, 2018


Disaster Relief

Joseph Sillas remembered the exact time his house burned down. Noel Meyer woke up to “everything” on fire. For most Camp Fire victims, the trauma of that experience still lingers, and Tzu Chi USA is finding creative ways to assist with healing. A “Wishing Tree” was created for victims to write their hopes and wishes on cards that are then hung on a Wishing Tree. Some found it therapeutic, as putting these expressions in writing unearths pent-up anxieties created by this recent tragedy. Tzu Chi USA Volunteer Christina Teamer explains, “It’s just another way to help get those wishes out to the universe and to God or whomever you believe in.” In the words of Tzu Chi USA CEO Han Huang: Light up the hope to a new Paradise. We stand by that sentiment. Manifestation is key to recovery. Please join us.


Director: Héctor Muniente
Director of Photography: Hannah Whisenant
Editor: Héctor Muniente, Hannah Whisenant
Post-production Editor: Tong Su
Producer: Ting Fan

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