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The Fury of Florence: Survivors and Saviors | 9:15

Follow-Up In Florence: The Adam Thompson Story

January 9, 2019


Disaster Relief

In Lumberton, North Carolina, Tzu Chi USA follows up with the McKinley/ Thompson family as they return to their home after being displaced for over two years in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Tzu Chi’s disaster relief helped contribute to the restoration of the once destroyed family home. William McKinley and nephew Adam Thompson share their journeys and theories before, during and after the Hurricane’s arrival. “Lumberton made the decision to blow the levee to relieve pressure from the main part of town,” relays Thompson. Fortunately, Tzu Chi USA answered the call for help. Please join our efforts.



Director: Hannah Whisenant
Director of Photography: Garson Ormiston
Editor: Hannah Whisenant
Re-Record Mixer: Michael LaFerla
Post-production Editor: Tong Su
Producer: Ting Fan
Music: Spazz Cardigan - Thoreau

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