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Pathway to Hope: 2021 Earthquake Relief | 5:23

Making the Impossible Possible After the Haiti Earthquake

September 11, 2021


Disaster Relief

After gang activity threatened to hamper the delivery of relief items to Haiti’s earthquake stricken South, Tzu Chi volunteers persisted. When trucks filled with the goods finally reached their destination in Les Cayes, Haiti, volunteers on the ground, including Father Zucchi Olibrice, were there to unload them and prepare immediately for distribution. Of the tireless effort, he says it has been worth it: “we put all our heart into it. We do it with a lot of respect and gratitude for Master Cheng Yen. We worked hard to make this distribution happen.”

See how volunteers helped 1,000 needy families stay nourished and support Haiti’s long-term recovery through the fundraiser, “Pathway to Hope,” at


Director: Fan Ting, Jaime Puerta
Editor: Jaime Puerta
Music: Love Is a Roller Coaster by Rafi B. Levy

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