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Voices Unite in Song at Tzu Chi’s Volunteer Training in Poland

May 11, 2022


Disaster Relief

In preparation for Tzu Chi Relief’s first aid distribution on May 6, 2022, in Warsaw, Poland, the team sought to train new local volunteers. Participants included 16 people – all who have recently fled from Ukraine.

During the training, Tzu Chi volunteers Faisal Hu and Nadya Chou reviewed a bit of Tzu Chi’s history and philosophy of compassion and relief. Altogether, the group even performed a rendition of the Tzu Chi song, “One Family.”

“I was actually very moved this morning and even cried when I heard them sing ‘One Family’ in Ukrainian… I was very, very emotional, and they sang beautifully with the feeling of love,” he explained.

For Anastasia Malashenko, one of the trainees, she said that “I was a volunteer in Ukraine and for me being here is such a joy and great opportunity. I feel great being here.”

Another trainee, Irena Romaniv, too, also expressed, “I was astonished by the kindness of these people, I was touched by it. They do an extremely important thing; they teach how to love, they share with joy and sincerity; they help others.”

On-site, to help ease language barriers, were translators like Karima, who helped translate Chinese into Ukrainian. Having been close to the conversations surrounding Tzu Chi’s humanitarian relief, she shared that “today is the third day since I got to know Tzu Chi… We open our hearts and are grateful that you’re here with us and we can work together to accomplish this goal.”

Watch our latest video and support our efforts to help displaced people from Ukraine:


Director: Ting Fan
DP: Ting Fan
Editor: Ting Fan

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