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Help Heal Maui | 4:57

A Potluck to Remember in Maui

October 2, 2023


Disaster Relief

When asked about what happened the day the fire came to her home on Maui, Lahaina resident Rowena Baraoidan says “it’s hard not to get emotional.”

Listen to her riveting story of escape, but also the hope she is finding in recovery with the help of her beloved family, their community, and volunteers (like those from Tzu Chi USA) who’ve come to help.

Watch our latest video and make a contribution to our fundraiser*,

*BONUS: when you make a donation until Sept 30, 2023, your gift will be matched, dollar-for-dollar up to $1 million. Use the link above and give today.


Director: Daniel Ferrara
DP: Yanxin Piao
Editor: Daniel Ferrara
Music: Yehezkel Raz - Ballerina, Christopher Galovan - Through Tribulations, Rex Banner - Night and Day


grief , Disaster Relief , survival , Volunteering , heroism , Charity , Wildfire , Tzu Chi USA , Engaged Buddhism , Fundraiser , Volunteerism , disaster response , hawaii , maui , lahaina , buddhism in action , nonprofit organization , trauma

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