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Hope Heals: Lift the Hearts of 10,000 Families | 2:46

A Home to Hug

February 2, 2021


Disaster Relief

We all love mushrooms, and we also love the people who grow them. Since the Camp Fire burned down her home in 2018, Samantha Zangrilli has been striving to continue her family farming business, despite not having a permanent place to live, even through the pandemic. But now, thanks to the efforts of Tzu Chi Chico’s long term recovery work and the Camp Fire Collaborative – she finally has a home to call her own.

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Director: Renee Liu
Director of Photography: Renee Liu
Editor: Renee Liu
Additional Camera: Huan Xun Chan
Music Credit: "Hiddenness" by Jonny-Hughes Artlist; "Raindrops" by Josh-Fuhrmeister Artlist; "hiddenness" by Jonny-Hughes Artlist

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