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Puerto Rico's Perseverance: Post-Maria | 3:10

Bravery in Bayamon: Post Maria

September 28, 2018


Disaster Relief

Hurricane Maria may have wreaked havoc on the small island of Puerto Rico but for the people of Bayamon their will to stay and rebuild is colossal. Tzu Chi USA Volunteers arrive to asses and take action. Through financial gift cards and other charitable donations, residents are able to start the recovery process. “We have received financial help to subsidize those things that we lost” states hurricane survivor Soraya Urena. Through some of the most deplorable conditions, the Bayamon’s occupants struggle with habitable places to dwell and urgent medical concerns. “We got leaks in the child’s room, he has been hospitalized for months.” declares a mother regarding her son.  Collectively we can change the circumstances of those in desperate need of relief. Restoring peace of mind one family at a time. In the words of Master Cheng Yen “Never lose courage. Never lose faith. Nothing in this world is impossible when you are determined.” Will you join us?

Please join us and support our efforts in providing supplies and resources to those in need.


Director: Hector Muniente
Director of Photography: Hannah Whisenant
Editor: Hannah Whisenant
Re-Record Mixer: Michael LaFerla
Colorist: Hannah Whisenant
Post-production Editor: Manolo Calderon
Producer: Ting Fan

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