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Tzu Chi NY Helps Residents Face Difficult Moments After Ida

September 23, 2021


Disaster Relief

On September 18, Queens residents gathered at the Tzu Chi Northeast Regional Office in Flushing, NY to get help after Tropical Storm Ida. It’s the third distribution of its kind, rounding out Tzu Chi’s emergency relief services. As the team prepares for mid and long-term care for residents who need extenuated support, care recipients reflect on the unexpected generosity and compassion they received from Tzu Chi volunteers and Tzu Chi itself.

One Queens elder likened the help he received to “a candle in the dark,” explaining that volunteers “gave us hope and the light to move on when we faced the most difficult moment in our lives.” Watch the video and support relief after Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ida at


Director: Jaime Puerta
Cinematographer: Borja Campillo
Editor: Jonathan Van Lamsweerde

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