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Hope Heals: Lift the Hearts of 10,000 Families | 2:44

Camp Fire: Lee Fickes’ Story

January 16, 2019


Disaster Relief

Lee Fickes of Paradise, California, is no stranger to forest fires, but when the Camp Fire made its way to his front door, it changed his life forever. After being knocked unconscious by a propane tank explosion—and losing his dogs and everything he owned to the fire—Fickes doesn’t plan on returning to the town he once called home. Having been a recipient of Tzu Chi USA disaster relief, Fickes shares, “We just had to remark about how wonderful you people have been to us.” Tzu Chi’s mission is to provide care for people in need.


Director: Wen Tseng
Director of Photography: Renee Liu
Editor: Renee Liu
Post-production Editor: Tong Su
Producer: Ting Fan

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