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Navajo Fight Against Covid | 4:50

Delivering Love to the Navajo Nation Through COVID-19

July 21, 2020


Disaster Relief

In Piñon, Arizona, we followed volunteers from the Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund as they delivered care packages (with masks provided by Tzu Chi Phoenix), and learned first-hand about the rising challenges families across the Navajo Nation face when confronted with the threat of a pandemic like COVID-19.

Empower Tzu Chi USA’s efforts to provide long-term aid through the pandemic at


Director: Jonathan Van Lamsweerde
Director of Photography: Garson Ormiston
Editor: Hannah Wisenant
Re-Record Mixer: Michael LaFerla
Graphic Designer: Sheauling Soo
Motion Graphic Designer: Chuan Ching Ho
Music: "Put Your Hand In Mine" by Shanka

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