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Hope Heals: Lift the Hearts of 10,000 Families | 3:00

Camp Fire: Butte County Strong

December 13, 2018


Disaster Relief

Butte County resident Scott Petersen recalls surviving the Concow fire of 2008. “But not this time,” referring to the Camp Fire of 2018, to which he also lost a friend.

A communications first responder, licensed drone pilot and broadcast engineer, Petersen was able to use his skills to restore communications after the fire. While helping his community was his top priority, finding help after his home was demolished was a necessity. He remembered Tzu Chi USA’s presence 10 years prior and was thankful for the organization’s immediate response through cash cards today. “This cash card is [a] very effective tool because people need fuel, temporary housing—many things that could not be covered by FEMA right away.” Tzu Chi USA continues to distribute cash cards in hopes of restoring some normalcy to the lives of those affected by the Camp Fire.



Director: Renee Liu
Director of Photography: Vivian Chang
Editor: Renee Liu
Post-production Editor: Jingwen Xu
Producer: Ting Fan

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