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Rising From The Ashes: Northern California Wildfire Relief | 2:48

Compassion in the Ashes: Robyn Goodwin’s Story

December 15, 2020


Disaster Relief

Losing a home after a disaster means many things – including a lot of paperwork and phone calls. “Each day we have something brand new to deal with… we’ll put out our plans of who we’re going to contact and what we need to have happened. It’s never what we plan,” describes Robyn Goodwin.She and her husband lost their family home of 30 years in Berry Creek, CA to the North Complex Fire this fall. Revisiting what’s left of her home, she’s determined – like her neighbors – to get through it: “I wanted to come back and help my community.”See her story and support Tzu Chi USA’s wildfire relief efforts that help families just ilke Robyn’s move forward and more. Give now to our year-end fundraiser, “Together While Apart: the Journey Forward:”


Director: Huan Xun Chan
DP/Editor: Renee Liu
Music Credit: Cold by Borrtex Artlis
Music Credit: The-light-descends by Assaf-ayalon Artlist

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