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Kentucky Tornado Relief | 3:20

Love Uplifts Those Who Lost Everything

March 8, 2022


Disaster Relief

“We were in our trailer and we got a warning, and I made everybody go out. And we got in a little shed, like a little bitty shed.” – Stacy Freudendahl

She is one of thousands of families impacted by a storm of tornadoes that struck the Midwest, including her town of Dawson Springs, KY, in December 2021. “It was just crazy,” Stacy recalled, “it was the most horrible thing I’ve ever been through in my life.”

More than 2 months later, she was contacted by Tzu Chi Midwest. On 2/26, she received an emergency cash card, loaded with $1,000 to spend however she needed most. At the distribution, Stacy had the chance to share some of her trauma, but also her joy.“I cry because I can’t believe, like… so many people in the world are still caring, you know? I… it’s just amazing to me. There’s still humanity.”

Join us in giving hope to tornado survivors just like Stacy with a contribution to our #fundraiser, Relief After Tornadoes, matching donations through March 2022:

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