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Helping Fire Survivors in Peekskill Start Over

February 6, 2023


Disaster Relief

“I woke up and my nostril was on fire,” recalls Toni Bizzaro, a Peekskill, NY resident whose apartment complex at Hillcrest Park caught fire on January 5 – shortly after the new year.

She’s one of 16 families that have been displaced following the blazing Hillcrest Park Fire- and one of the many that have been impacted by the trauma of it all. Her nightgown caught fire that night, forcing her to remove her clothing and run out of the house. Of the moment, she says, “it was the most humiliating thing in my life.”

Springing to help, Tzu Chi NY volunteers quickly put together a distribution to provide the impacted families with emergency financial assistance. Fellow Neighbor & Care Recipient Roger Simon describes the help as both unexpected and moving: “a foundation that we didn’t even know about cared about people like us… It makes us feel much better, it makes us get through.”

See the moving story in our latest video, and support our capacity to provide compassion and relief when disaster strikes at


Director: Ting Fan
DP: Borja Campillo
Editor: Piao Yanxin
Music: Fields of Faith by Noam Zaguri, Little Dipper by Colton Dewberry, Circle of Life by Letraz


Fire Relief , Peeskill , New York , Tzu Chi Cares , Disaster Recovery

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