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Kentucky Tornado Relief | 2:23

Ripped Open but Unbroken in Bowling Green, Kentucky

December 29, 2021


Disaster Relief

For many, receiving sudden help when it’s needed from an unrecognized place can sometimes sound, well, too good to be true.

But, when Todd Alcott, Mayor of Bowling Green, KY, learned more about Tzu Chi Midwest’s intentions to help tornado-impacted families get $1K in emergency financial aid, he expressed relief: “you know $1,000 can mean buying a meal, buying a hotel room, giving some respite – without any tape, without any red tape, like ‘you have to do this or that [in exchange].’”

See how we’re planning to give families #DisasterRelief before Christmas in our video and support our #fundraiser, now matching donations made up to $1MIL:


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