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Mission Accomplished in Acapulco

January 15, 2024


Disaster Relief

From January 5-7, 2024, Tzu Chi USA, Tzu Chi Mexico, Tzu Chi Ecuador, and Tzu Chi Argentina teamed up to host back-to-back emergency financial aid distributions to benefit those who’d been severely impacted by Hurricane Otis in Acapulco, Mexico .

There, volunteers linked up with the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO) in Mexico and locally-based Taiwanese residents to help. Present to help at the distribution on January 7th himself, TECO Representative Armando Cheng remarked that Otis, a category 5 storm, was “the most serious one they’ve ever had in history,” across the region.

But, seeing the progress the city has made, in addition to seeing how some residents were faring a little more than two months since the Hurricane struck, he also said that “this area has already stood up with steady steps, strong and resilient, bravely moving forward.”

See how Tzu Chi has been helping people move forward in their recovery journey in our latest video.*

*Also featuring Qiongyao Su, Maria de Jesus Flores Cruz, and Socorro Perez Flores.


Director: Martina Casas
DP: Michael Mazur
Editor: Hector Muniente
Color: Borja Campillo
Music: Inspirational Story by Phil Larson


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