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Kentucky Tornado Relief | 3:13

Restoring Faith in Human Goodness

December 27, 2021


Disaster Relief

Two years ago, the Burgesses, who live in Mayfield, KY, lost their home to a fire. “It took everything we owned,” Bessie Burgess recalls, “it went up real fast in the middle of the night.”

Intent on moving forward, Bessie told us “my husband single-handedly built me a little house of my dreams… We just took all of our money and all of the last two years of his time.”

As they prepared to put the final touches on the home, however, nature had different plans. A category EF-4 tore through their town this December, and, from a safe distance, Rodney Burgess watched helplessly as it came for his new home: “it was heartbreaking to see it… I knew that it was going to be gone before I even got here.”

Learn how Tzu Chi Midwest is giving homeowners like the Burgesses the hope to move forward in our latest video.

And, support our tornado relief fundraiser, now matching donations up to $1 million:


Director: Fan Tin
Cinematographer: Marley Maitland

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