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Showing Compassion and Love in Hawaii

December 22, 2023


Disaster Relief

Looking back on tragedy, there is so much loss to see. But, there is also hope.

Despite having few belongings left, wildfire survivor Peachie Garcia, who received a cash card and thick eco-blanket from Tzu Chi USA says it’s “kind of amazing, because last night, I was kind of cold and I said ‘I wish I had an extra blanket,’ and here it is.”

Watch this video and explore how the complexities of trauma are leaving room for compassion and forward growth (plus heartfelt connections with the kind volunteers at Tzu Chi USA).

Then, make a gift that matters to our year-end fundraiser at


Editor: Hector Muniente
Music: Charlie Ryan - Forward Motion


Volunteerism , hawaii , maui , pacific islands , social impact , Tzu Chi , fundraising , Charity , Buddhism , wildfires , natural disaster , Disaster Recovery

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