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Hope Heals: Lift the Hearts of 10,000 Families | 2:52

Camp Fire: Bamboo Banks

December 14, 2018


Disaster Relief

Setting up at a new distribution center in Oroville, California, Tzu Chi USA returns to continue disaster relief efforts. Tzu Chi volunteer Shea Ling Soon decorates the venue by layering bamboo banks in the shape of a Christmas tree in hopes “to give the recipients a warm, holiday feeling.” The bamboo banks, inspired by Tzu Chi founder Master Cheng Yen, were originally a concept of saving loose change for charitable offerings. Today, the bamboo banks are distributed to relief victims in hopes that one day, they will be able to fill it and pay it forward as well. Camp Fire survivor Lee Fickes notes, “I was given this bamboo bank, and this is a treasure to me…It’s our turn to give back whatever we can to whoever we can.” The art of “giving back” is Tzu Chi’s mission. Let’s make change with change. Please join our efforts to continue spreading relief to those in need.



Director: Renee Liu
Director of Photography: Wen Tseng
Editor: Renee Liu
Post-production Editor: Tong Su
Producer: Ting Fan

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