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Together While Apart | 24:20

Saving Seminole

December 18, 2020


Disaster Relief

“You don’t think it’s going to happen to you. The lottery’s never going to happen to me. Why would the fire?” That’s what Rosemary Hemm thought when the Woolsey Fire burned down her home in Seminole Springs, CA in 2018. She (like many wildfire survivors) was forced to rebuild her life from the ground up. Tzu Chi volunteers have been there to help: “you really learned about love because they really open their hearts to everybody.”

See her story in “Saving Seminole,” a documentary film, produced by the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation. It revolves around loss and grief after #wildfire, but also rebuilding, friendship, and hope. Our holiday fundraiser, “Together While Apart: The Journey Forward” gathers support for households in need – especially for disaster survivors like Rosemary. Ensure we can provide this help in 2021 at


Director: Daniel Ferrara
Executive Producer: Ting Fan
Director of Photography: Sarah Winters

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