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Delivering Love and Compassion to the Fort Myers Community

November 25, 2022


Disaster Relief

Describing his experience during Hurricane Ian, Fort Myers, FL resident Vincen Williams explained that “I was in the water for 10 hours up to my neck, helping elderly people that couldn’t get out, with the alligators… everything was in the water, snakes.” After this harrowing rescue effort, reality hit: Vincen, like so many of his neighbors, had lost everything.

But, on Sunday, October 30, 2022, he received an emergency cash card from #TzuChiVolunteers in Fort Myers. With his young children in tow, Vincen recalled his impression of the presentation Tzu Chi volunteers made as he waited for his turn: “We thank this organization… I kind of had a tear in my eye. I’m a kind of tough guy, but it kind of broke me down.”

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Director: Qihua Luo
DP: Borja Campillo
Editor: Héctor Muniente
Music: Evert Z - The Way Up

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