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Help Heal Maui | 4:01

Fundraising and Action for Maui

December 22, 2023


Disaster Relief

Climate change isn’t just making disasters more frequent. It’s making them worse. Just hear it from wildfire survivors in Hawaii:

“I was in the water… it was still above my neck. And the flames coming over, you know, with the wind blowing over, you cannot face it.” – Joseph Texeira

“Literally in one night, no job, no home… Your friends are displaced. It’s just horrific.” – Matthew Isenberg

“Thank God, I’m still alive, and we made it out.” – Tracy Brojakowski

With communities around the world becoming more vulnerable than ever, Tzu Chi remains steadfast in its mission: to put compassion in action and relieve suffering.

See how our compassionate corps of volunteers mobilized nationwide for Maui wildfire relief efforts, and then make a charitable donation that makes this work possible when disaster inevitably strikes next at


Editor: Yanxin Piao
Music: Diamonds And Ice - Day Dreaming, Risian - Phoenix Rising, Zac Nelson - Signs of Life


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