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Hurricane Ian Relief | 1:38

Assessment Begins in Florida After Hurricane Ian

October 4, 2022


Disaster Relief

After Hurricane Ian swept through Florida last week, countless homes were left without power. While power companies have been working around the clock ever since to restore electricity, getting reconnected won’t be that simple for many residents.

Taking a volunteer assessment team from Tzu Chi Miami through Everglades City and Naples, Florida (both hard-hit by the Category 4 hurricane), Collier County’s Growth Management Department Deputy Head James French provides an explanation:

“The water would wick up in the drywall, [so] we know it’s in the electrical panels… although services have been restored from the electrical utility and water and sewer utility, the problem is you can’t generate power within the home.”

See the damage for yourself and help us prepare our disaster response at


Camera: Judy Su 蘇素珍
Editor: Elito Popko
Producer: Ting Fan

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