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Together While Apart | 6:07

New York on Pause

December 30, 2020


Disaster Relief

“Growing up in New York, I couldn’t imagine this happening,” says Anik Ghose of the pandemic. He is part of Tzu Chi USA’s vibrant Media Production Center team based in NYC. After having once been the epicenter of COVID-19, the team shared some of their personal experiences, the ups and the downs of living through this never-before-seen period of history.

But what’s kept everyday New Yorkers like Anik going? Spending more time with his young son at home: “my son is learning to walk, growing up, too. So I’ve got hope.”

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Editor: Garson Ormiston
Motion Graphics: Chuan Ching Ho
Music: “Dust if Off” by Stanley Gurvich; “Full Access” by Jimmy Svensson; “Time to Move ” by Veshza; “Take Me In ” by Stanley Gurvich

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