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Heartfelt Healing After Floods in San Diego

February 18, 2024


Disaster Relief

This January, many San Diego, CA residents found themselves in dire straits. Intense rainstorms on January 22, 2024 brought sudden flooding to pockets of the city, forcing many to evacuate almost immediately—and leaving little to no time to pack or salvage their belongings.

But, this February, impacted residents, feeling distraught and unsure where to turn to since, have found comfort and emergency aid in Tzu Chi volunteers.

Hosting two weekends of emergency financial assistance (EFA) distributions, Tzu Chi USA’s San Diego Service Center volunteers served 184 households with cash cards, loaded with emergency funds for each recipient to use toward their most pressing needs.

For one woman, it was all too real. “I lost everything, and my daughter lost everything,” describes Shaquila Johnson. But, when she came to the Tzu Chi USA San Diego Service Center on February 18, 2024, the relief she experienced among volunteers there moved her. “Immediately, I was just welcomed, and… and I am so grateful,” Shaquila said.

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Director: Michael Mazur
DP: Sarah Winters
Editor: Michael Mazur
Music: Emotional Documentary Ambient by MusicLabProduction, Beautiful Emotional Documentary by MrOrangeAudio, Emotional Documentary Piano by plaincask


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