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Kentucky Tornado Relief | 2:27

Preparing for Distributions in Mayfield, KY

December 21, 2021


Disaster Relief

In the wake of death and destruction from tornadoes in Mayfield, KY, Mayor Kathy O’Nan has witnessed an outpouring of support for her city.

Yet, when she met with Tzu Chi Midwest last week and learned that they’d provide 1,000 households with $1,000 each – and before Christmas this week – she cried: “when your organization told me about the monetary amount that they are going to spend here… it all spilled out… everybody’s been so generous but this one just really hit me specially.”

As we prepare, support our fundraiser, Relief After Tornadoes, and see your donations matched up to $1 million:


Director: Yue MA
Director of Photography: Yue MA
Producer: Ting Fan

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