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Progress in Panama City

November 17, 2018


Disaster Relief

Tzu Chi USA sets up a Disaster relief tent in Panama City, Florida one week before Thanksgiving to provide aid to over 600 families affected by Hurricane Michael. Distributing cash cards, and blankets to those who lost everything and are in dire need of essentials. For the people of Panama city, Hurricane Michael may have dampened their holiday spirits, but it did not break them. “Because of today, Thanksgiving is every day now. Because of this donation and because of the giving of all of these people here, Thanksgiving is today and every day.  Because now we have hope.” declared resident, Linda Godwin. Please join us to continue providing hope to those who need it most.


Director: Hector Muniente
Director of Photography: Jonathan Van Lamsweerde
Editor: Jonathan Van Lamsweerde
Post-production Editor: Tong Su
Producer: Ting Fan
Music: Beneath The Moonlight by Aaron Kenny, Dirty Mac by Endless Love

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