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Pathway to Hope: 2021 Earthquake Relief | 2:42

In Les Cayes, Jing Si Rice Gets a Haitian Twist

September 9, 2021


Disaster Relief

When a heat source isn’t available to cook after a disaster, Jing Si Rice 🍚 can help save the day. Formulated to be cooked with or without the use of hot water, this Tzu Chi developed dish gives disaster survivors the nourishment they need during difficult times.

Now, it’s preparation is being taught to students at a vocational school in Les Cayes, Haiti 🇭🇹. After learning the process, student Mauricette Rose-Martha feels confident tweaking the recipe to give 2021 Haiti Earthquake survivors the ultimate comfort: “I can adapt the process of cooking the rice and I can make it Haitian-style.”

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Director: Jaime Puerta/Fan Ting
Cinematographer: Jaime Puerta
Editor: Jaime Puerta
Music: Lagos Amigos (ft. RIVER LUME) Song by SPEARFISHER

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