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Together While Apart |

2020 Tzu Chi USA Annual Charity Concert – Trailer

October 13, 2020


Disaster Relief

For the first time ever, Tzu Chi USA is broadcasting its annual charity concert online. Join us for a spectacular evening highlighting the strength, resiliency, and togetherness of humanity and dive deep into your compassion. Catch moving performances by Paul Beaubrun, Ximena Ibarra, David D’or, Chyi Yu, Shou Chuan Lee, Austin Ku, Ya Han Chang, Charles Wang, the HsinYa Choir, and the Tzu Chi Sign Language Team.

Tune in for free on Saturday, October 17 at 4pm PDT | 6pm CDT | 7pm EDT at or


Editor: Héctor Muniente
Sound Mixer: Michael LaFerla
Graphic Designer: Sheauling Soo
Motion Graphic Designer: Chuan Ching Ho

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