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Tzu Chi & the War in Ukraine | 11:18

After War in Ukraine, Reflecting on a Year of Relief

February 22, 2024


Disaster Relief

For many, the start of war between Russia and Ukraine came as a shock. Anna Mankus recalls leaving her home on February 24 back in 2022: “at first, they said, ‘okay, like just two days and the war will be over.’ Then they said a week; then like two weeks.” But, thanks to timely help from NGOs like Tzu Chi, the hopelessness of the situation has a silver lining. By pooling together love from around the world, Tzu Chi mobilized its response and partnered with local organizations to bring relief to those displaced in Poland, as well as Moldova and Romania. Watch on to see how.


Tzu Chi , volunteer , Buddhism , refugees , Ukraine , Poland , NGOs , Humanitarian , NonProfits

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