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Hurricane Ian Relief | 3:46

Hurricane Ian Damages in Fort Myers, Florida, Are Grave

October 12, 2022


Disaster Relief

For the average person, grasping what a disaster does to a community can be difficult. But, in Fort Myers’ Caloosa Mobile Home Community, community leader Angelica Ramon says Hurricane Ian’s impact is evident in one of the most popular and important symbols of the modern home: a fridge.

Despite levels of flooding that destroy most home appliances, she says that, among the debris Tzu Chi volunteers saw put out on the curb, “you’re not going to see a lot of fridges cause people don’t want to throw it, even though it’s damaged, because they don’t have money to buy [them].”

For families that face a grueling path to recovery, one of our collaborators in relief, Zack Stokes, the Regional Partnerships Manager of the American Red Cross, South Florida Region explains that families receiving financial assistance “is an extremely important part of this operation.”

He further says; “[it] can go towards home repair; it can go towards repairing their cars, many of which have been destroyed in the flood or wind; hotel rooms that they can go and get away while they’re cleaning up their homes.” These expenses are just to name a few.

For more, keep watching our latest video, and help us bolster our hurricane relief efforts in Florida at


Director/Editor: Ting Fan
DP: Sarah Winters

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