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Help Heal Maui | 7:08

Nourishing Hope in Maui

December 22, 2023


Disaster Relief

Having moved to and started their family on Maui, Annie Davis & Isaiah Rockette recount their experience through wildfires that swept through the island earlier in 2023.

Through their story, one thing stands out most: in addition to practical forms of aid, the emotional needs of disaster survivors are immense.

That’s where Tzu Chi USA volunteers are meeting those needs, both with the provision of emergency cash cards, loaded with funds for survivors to use at their discretion, but also emotional and spiritual support.

“What you’re doing is profound and it is enormously generous,” Annie elaborates. Hearing from Tzu Chi volunteers, “‘Let’s hear your story, let’s connect, let’s see where you were, and let’s figure out how to help you,’” she says, “that genuine connection of support is really what is needed right now.”

See how our volunteers are meeting care recipients most sensitive needs and how a charitable gift to our year-end fundraiser can make all the difference at


Director: Ting Fan
DP: Michael Mazur
Editor: Yanxin Piao
Music: Tristan Barton - The Racer, Laurel Violet - Looking Back From Here, Jordi Dalmau - The Great Rise, Steven Beddall - Cherished Memento


Volunteerism , hawaii , maui , pacific islands , social impact , Tzu Chi , fundraising , Charity , Buddhism , wildfires , natural disaster , Disaster Recovery

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