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The Shevchuk Family Story

October 26, 2023



Every year, countless people find themselves with the difficult decision of having to flee their homes. Last March, this was the situation that faced many in Ukraine , including teen Mariia Shevchuk.

Already a decorated athlete in rhythmic gymnastics, Mariia and her mother Tetiana left the country and found a new home in the United States . While they were later joined by other family members, the journey had been rife with emotional hardship.

“The most difficult thing,” recalls Tetiana, “was leaving my parents in Kyiv, a husband, who could not, because of the war, leave the territory of Ukraine, and [then to] make a decision to go alone here to my daughter.”

At the same time, when Tzu Chi USA volunteers came to know the family, they understood that their necessities too were adding to the challenge of relocation. “You think about the income from Ukraine, and the expenses in the United States. They are struggling,” explains Tzu Chi USA Volunteer Coordinator Flora.

But, after reviewing the family’s case and seeing what Tzu Chi USA could do to help, Flora and her team began to help the family with rent. But, that wasn’t all: “step-by-step… we talk to each other, encourage each other,” says Flora.

See how Tzu Chi USA volunteers are helping families seeking refuge in the US in our latest video and make a generous donation to our year-end fundraiser at


Director: Daniel Ferrara
DP: Yanxin Piao
Editor: Daniel Ferrara


Charity , refugees , Tzu Chi USA , Ukraine , Fundraiser , Volunteerism , war

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